Analysis of Education Needs

Syzygy can help you assess your educational needs in a variety of fields: performance improvement, change management or training delivery. Our experienced consultants can help you choose the learning options and outcomes that best suit your company.

Our consultants can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your company’s corporate goals, which will allow you to seamlessly integrate your educational objectives with your overall business strategy. We can offer insight into examining your organization’s objectives, your communities of users and your educational implementation plan. We can supply you with a comprehensive proposal with specific recommendations and detailed costings, allowing you to keep your educational needs fully planned and budgeted while achieving your stated outcomes.

Training Delivery

Syzygy can deliver to your time the skills they need, and can do it with training that is appropriate, effective and matched to your company’s needs. We can arrange custom classes to specifically match your needs, or work with a standing curriculum already developed.

We have a variety of delivery methods available: tradition instructor-led training courses at your company (either in a classroom environment or “across the desk”) or with a “virtual classroom” method via the internet. This provides maximum flexibility for your team.

Custom Education Solutions

Syzygy offers a comprehensive suite of Custom Learning Solutions that can be tailored to your organization’s goals, business processes, technologies and user training needs.

Syzygy’s Custom Learning Solutions include a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis to help you develop a unified training strategy, training design which meets your company’s specific objectives, the development of useful training materials including manuals and reference cards and eLearning modules.

Our Custom Learning Solutions provide you with a fast and effective learning environment that will get your staff dealing with relevant situations and scenarios, to give them the skills they need to operate in the real world.


E-Learning solutions can be your main training delivery method, or used as an adjunct to more traditional instructor-led training, depending on your staff’s availability and needs. We can provide hi-tech solutions including interactive software tailored directly to your company, including the use of video, audio, text and computerized testing, as well as appropriate training materials.

Syzygy’s E-Learning courses include highly effective instructional elements and real-world scenarios and tasks. Your staff will learn general software navigation skills, plus specific role-based skills related to their position, preset individual objectives, your company’s business processes and your overall corporate strategy.

Syzygy utilize the following E-Learning tools to create E-Learning training:

Oracle UPK
Adobe Captivate

Change Management

Syzygy is able to offer you change management services, liaising with your management and staff to seamlessly introduce and implement the change process needed to shift your company over to Oracle software solutions. We are able to communicate with your staff and your management at a variety of levels to get the message of organizational re-alignment across. We can provide you with a number of effective tools and techniques you can use to address issues related to your new organizational landscape, and show you how to use them to best effect.

We can help you establish change management procedures that will enable your employees to:

• Perform their changed work functions effectively and efficiently
• Get on board with the changes early, and accept the need for them
• Find out the scope of the changes, and the benefits to them
• Understand what the organization now requires of them
• Receive effective training to become expert in their newly-required skills.

Syzygy has a special focus on end-user training for change management. We map out user roles and responsibilities clearly, and tailor training for each specific user role. We have strong experience in delivering effective classroom or web-based training solutions (or a mix of the two), and can deliver these solutions to diverse user groups, from the front office to the warehouse. We also provide the training and support materials you’ll need to provide ongoing performance support for users after the initial change implementation.